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My setup

In i3, I’ll divide my desktops according to what task I’m doing.

Each desktop is split into two halves, and within each half is multiple i3-tabs.


I usually:

When putting the computer to sleep I open a random terminal and put it to sleep. I rarely ever turn my computer off, last time I checked it was on for 60 days straight.

Note taking

After testing many different systems and services, struggling, and looking up what systems others used, I converged upon the system I use currently:

  1. One-off notes/graphical: Pen, copy paper, and clipboard.
    1. Try to write the date on the paper.
    2. Put the paper in a dedicated pile when finished.
    3. Paper is scanned later with a portable scanner or phone camera.
  2. Whenever a random thought strikes me
  3. Longer more in-depth ideas: pcmanfm, SmartGit, Emacs, SBCL, SLIME, local-time

Using Google Keep:

  1. Download google archive with Keep notes
  2. Run it through KeepToText
  3. Run it through the custom notes system I created that integrates it with my other notes.

Some things I like:

Other Links

My mixed opinion of LISP

LISP is not economically or socially viable because it is the most rapid prototyping language available.
It is indispensable if you:

  1. Enjoy programming itself
  2. Have a unique problem at hand with limited computing power.

LISP is the essence of unbridled individualism. I, being an American, was raised on rugged individualism. Thus, LISP appeals to me and it saddens me that this cherished art is dying.